The classical method of one individual experienced spoken language
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This kind of method is very effective and hold to very easily: Oral interpretation Chinese-English contrasts (or English-Chinese contrasts) novel or other reader. Above all we read Chinese portion first, next sentence by sentence direct oral interpretation becomes English, after finishing a paragraph small, go seeing the corresponding English part on the book undertake comparative with our oral interpretation, we can discover the error of our oral interpretation immediately, defect and progress. Ask an attention: Begin to want to choose simpler reading matter, and should do in great quantities, doing 9 results only is not apparent. Begin a possibility slower, take time is more, but hold to please, this is an acceleration process on whole. High level asks timing exercise, in order to accelerate response rate and spoken language fluent degree.

Learn English as the adult, memory difference is an obstacle, make repeat practice or recite a text often ability not equal to one's ambition, it is too difficult to because the vocabulary is too small,perhaps feel direct to make oral interpretation, so such doing can solve this problem effectively: Learn English text first, connect after an understanding is lucid, will read Chinese translated text again, answer Chinese translation oral interpretation English. Such is equal to make repeat practice making oral interpretation again already (language) exercise, it may be said one stone double bird!

The profit that such making:
1, oneself can practice spoken language, consider practice how long, experienced how long.

2, the inadequacy that from beginning to end a high teacher points out you and mistake -- English is textual.

3, subject matter range is extremely wide, can break through the thinking confine of ourselves, for instance we always like to discuss the topic with familiar ourselves, so we always are practicing same language, progress is slow of course.

4, choose a novel, humorous story or good essay are read, make we have enough interest to hold on.

5, the English use that has a few tunnels that when we are learning English text directly, are paid no attention by us can be disentombed to come out by this law.

6, impressive to what learning knowledge and place to make a mistake. This is equal to us to be in all the time Han Yiying practices, we expend idea hold back to come out translation of a lot of English, impression is quite so deep. Many deeper than learning English text impression to want directly.

7, the exercise with much course, you can have such feeling: Without what thing you cannot be translated, your interpreter level was strengthened greatly, your spoken language conveyed muscularity to rise greatly!

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