Practical spoken English: Can be you used fair-spoken?
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Learn English to want to dare to start to talk. Recently, I begin to practice spoken language, just the time of 3 two weeks, does the colleague see I said " How Are You? " amazed path " Your English Is Excellent! " , this let me do not leave a stage really, I must think he is to be in with fair-spoken flattery I. Here " with fair-spoken flattery someone " can express with Butter Someone Up, so I said sentence:

I Wish You'd Stop Trying To Butter Me Up.
I hope you do not flatter again I.

Means of Butter Someone Up is we often say " fawn on, insinuate flattery " meaning Butter original idea is to point to " butter, butter " , in Chinese we are not commonly used someone resembled wiping oil to describe a person euqally on the mouth very pliable, very meeting applepolish?

Don't Praise Westerners Too Highly When We Compliment Them. Otherwise, they May Think You're Just Buttering Them Up!
Had not held them in both hands when we praise Hesperian first, otherwise they can think you just are in adulatory.

A lot of statements in English are developing ceaselessly as the development of the times. The means that everybody knows Come Across is accidental meet unexpectedly namely To Run Into; To Find Unexpectedly. For example On My Way Home, I Came Across An Interesting New Bookstore. I am in road coming home, now and then discovered an interesting new bookshop. But see a word today, cannot explain so however.

Your Speech Came Across Very Well, everyone Understands Your Opinion Now.
Your speech effect is very good, everybody can understand your point of view now.

Sentence in the effect with good to arose by interpret Come Across. If want to make a speech produces good result, so the viewpoint of lecturer must be understood by audience, so this word is contained here " tell very clearly, can be understood " meaning, namely Be Understood. Another example:

We All Enjoy Receiving Compliments. But Sometimes Compliments Don't Come Across The Way They're Meant- - Especially Between People From Different Cultures.
We like to get person support. But the demit that praises sometimes won't be understood, it is especially between the person that comes from different culture setting.

In this sentence Come Across is by direct interpreter " be understood " actually this meaning also is from " encounter, come across " evolve and come. Take above for this example, should proper method makes " praise " (Compliments) with " the meaning that it should convey originally " (The Way They're Meant) when encountering, "Praise " meet by proper understanding.

I Was Just Joking. But My Joke Came Across As An Insult And Now Bob's Mad At Me!
I just open a fun, but my be to insult by understanding for fun, bob is in a towering rag to me now!

Last word: Sum up us now the content that this interprets. Butter Someone Up shows we often say namely " with fair-spoken flattery someone, insinuate adulatory " meaning. Come Across besides have " encounter accidentally " outside the meaning, still have a special meaning " very clear, can by understanding " , this word has included the meaning that has passivity here, cannot use passive voice again in the sentence so.
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