Say English neatly
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English vocabulary and expressive means originally very rich, but a lot of people learned old English, the language when happen to starts to talk however still drab and indigent, even the words fail to express the meaning, be aimed at this kind of circumstance, give out the beautiful type English that diversity abounds below different topic and circumstances conveys a law, open train of thought in order to help a reader, increase communication capacity.

Introduction Introduction

Making Introductions makes the introduction to the person

1.Jane, tom. Tom, jane.
2.Jane, this Is Tom, tom, this Is Jane.
3.Jane, i'd Like You To Meet My Friend Tom.
4.Jane, have You Met Tom?
5.Jane, do You Know Tom?
6.Look, tom's Here. Tome, come And Meet Jane.
7.Jane, this Is Tom. He's A Friend From College.
8.Jane, tom Is The Guy I Was Telling You About.
9.Do You Know Each Other?
10.Have You Two Met?
11.Have You Two Been Introduced?
12.Allow Me To Introduce Professor Linda Ferguson Of Harvard University.
13.Let Me Introduce Our Guest Of Honor, mr.David Morris.
14.If You Want To Be Introduced To The Author, I Think I Can Arrange It.

Making A Self-introduction introduces myself

1.May I Introduce Myself
2.Hello, i'm Hanson Smith.
3.Excuse Me, I Don't Think We've Met. My Name's Hanson Smith.
4.How Do You Do? I'm Hanson Smith.
5.I'm David Anderson. I Don't Believe I've Had The Pleasure.
6.First Let Me Introduce Myself. I'm Peter White, production Manager.
7.My Name Is David. I Work In The Marketing Department.

After Being Introduced. After be being known by the introduction and the other side

1.I'm Glad To Meet You.
Very glad to know you.
2.Nice Meeting You.
Very glad to know you.
3.How Nice To Meet You.
Know you really glad.
4.I've Heard So Much About You.
I know a lot of things about you.
5.Helen Has Told Me All About You.
Helen is right my general a lot of your thing.
6.I've Been Wanting To Meet You For Some Time.
Very long since me all the time infer you.
7.I'm Delighted To Make Your Acquaintance.
Know us to feel very glad.
8.It's A Privilege To Know You.
Knowing you is my honor.