Learn the two big a magic weapon of spoken English
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The importance that learns English has been self-evident, in can living actually, because training of language of speak or sing alternately, audition is inadequate, colloquial pronunciation forbids graduate of undergraduate course of university of major of English of graduate of major high school, blame, conversation is not fluent and audition is too poor, cannot undertake communicating with English. I learn the two big a magic weapon of spoken English to everybody introduction here: Science chatting magic art and sentential library law.

Daily conversation belongs to informal spoken language. Go more at ordinary times English horn, chat with English with the person more, it is the one and only way that practices English conversation. Can chatting is to learn spoken language after all, also want to notice a method of course, chat scientificly namely law, method actually very simple also:

1) method: A. Good subject is done to intend the work before chatting, include to understand the topic, word that searchs place to involve, preparation to be able to cover a few commonly used sentence pattern to reserve. B. The Chinese-English minor term of the allusion of English-Chinese minor term that makes up a 15000 words are controlled personally and left and right sides of a 10 thousand vocabulary entry is in charge of. C. Do not be afraid of in chatting process the dictionary is consulted before the other side. Inessential word is OK idea says to be clear about with other sentence, crucial word must consult a dictionary. D. Law of the word that acquires from inside chatting today, expression, sentence pattern is answered to undertake registering summing up after talking about a day, carry on the back.

2) note: A. Review job of prepare lessons before class to must be done, only such every time talk about a talent to be able to have bigger profit. B. Do not be afraid of lose face. Adult learns the enemy with the oldest English is him, especially oneself " face " . C. Ego dialog and oral composition also are a kind of very good colloquial training law.

Ordinary conversation, informal spoken language is enough, can want to attend talk of technical communication, business affairs, formal meeting to wait, the spoken language with very official practice very was necessary, this is sentential library law. The method is as follows: A. In reading a process, from inside book illustrative sentence, be pleasant to the eye from the dialog, hear pure, standard, typical case, or beautiful sentential estreat comes down. B. Write down the sentence of each estreat respectively carry on different card or scrip. C. Take out at any time accomplish loud, fast, clear ground to be read a few times as far as possible. D. Often recollect the sentence that writes down. E. Summary of the classification after accumulating certain amount is established " oneself " sentential library.
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