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People Need Homes: Children Assume Their Parents ' Place As Home; Boarders Call School ' Home ' On Weekdays; Married Couples Work Together To Build New Homes; And Travelers... Have No Place To Call ' Home ' , at Least For A Few Nights.

So How About People Who Have To Travel For Extended Periods Of Time? Don ' T They Have The Right To A Home? Of Course They Do.

Some Regular Travelers Take Their Own Belongings: Like Bed Sheets, pillowcases And Family Photos To Make Them Feel Like Home No Matter Where They Are; Some Stay For Long Periods In The Same Hotel And As A Result Become Very Familiar With Service And Attendants; Others May Simply Put Some Flowers By The Hotel Window To Ma. Furthermore, driving A Camping Car During One ' Only Mobile of – of S Travels And Sleeping In The Vehicle At Night Is Just Like Home!

And How About Maintaining Relationships While In Transit? Some Keep Contact With Their Friends Via Internet; Some Send Letters And Postcards, or Even Photos; Others May Just Call And Say Hi, just To Let Their Friends Know That They ' Re Still Alive And Well. People Find Ways To Keep In Touch. Making Friends On The Way Helps Travelers Feel More Or Less At Home. Backpackers In Youth Hostels May Become Very Good Friends, even Closer Than Siblings.

Nowadays, fewer People Are Working In Their Local Towns, so How Do They Develop A Sense Of Belonging? Whenever We Step Out Of Our Local Boundaries, there Is Always Another ' Home ' Waiting To Be Found. Wherever We Are, with Just A Little Bit Of Effort And Imagination, we Can Make The Place We Stay " Home " .

The traveller's home
Everybody needs the home: Dot treats parental abode as oneself home; Lodge be born in ferial call the school ' ' ; The husband and wife that married should build his new home jointly; As to brigade person... have a few evening at least they should live in cannot call ' ' place!

So must those go out for a long time how does outer person do? do they have no right to own a home? They have of course!

The person that have some of stay away from home that often goes out can carry some of commodity that belongs to his, wait like sheet, pillowcase or photo of a photograph of whole family, no matter where walk along, these things can bring them domestic sense; Some people are growing the meeting when be stationed in to wait for in same home hotel, make them right the service in inn and personnel are not Changshu to harvest; Again some just is likely by the side of the window of hotel place some of flower, make room more resemble a home. In addition, leaving to camp all the way the car travels, live in the car in the evening, this more resembling is true home -- just can move just!

That people is in itinerary when moving back and forth, be how hold together concerns? Some people follow friend contact through Internet; Some people send letter, postcard, even photograph; Still some of person just may hit a phone to ask reputation is good, the purpose is to let friends know they are living still only, and live well. People discovered various contact way. Make friend in journey the person that can help force finds a bit sense more or less. The knapsack guest in young inn perhaps can be become special the friend that be close friends, even closer than brothers even!
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