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Dispatch of day hill net (Li Tiejun reports reporter Cao Jinghua) yesterday (on Feburary 4) , by city consumption morning paper and black city teaching grinds the seminar of 2008 the university entrance exam that the center sponsors jointly ends in auditorium of Xinjiang agriculture college. The student that experts of 3 Beijing the university entrance exam are 2000 person-time, parent and teacher detailed solved proposition of the university entrance exam to move toward.

The seminar begins from Feburary 3, by a definite date two days, involved subject is Chinese, maths and foreign language. 3 experts are Liang Jie respectively -- Beijing 5 in fancy Chinese teacher, expert of research of proposition of the university entrance exam, multinomial task studies achievement already passed appraisal of Ministry of Education; Wang Yan is sought -- Beijing 11 in mathematical teaching and research group is senior, beijing a gang one assistant association is standing director, the research that pays attention to proposition of pair of the university entrance exam, review the general plan research that for reference; Li Darong -- Beijing English is fancy teacher, currently hold the post ofnews analyst of specially invite of the university entrance exam of Chinese exam center.

In seminar of Chinese special performance, mr. Liang Jie with " the arousal implementation Chinese with subjective consciousness is efficient for reference " for the problem, gave directions to read with writing angle; The Wang Yan in mathematical special performance seeks the skill of selection of subject when teacher key told about an exercise; In English special performance Mr. Li Darong emphasized the former juice raw ingredient of filling leakage and reading material.

The spot

English reading material is about " former juice raw ingredient "

Review make from filling leakage

At present Urumqi Gao Sansheng already passed first time model to take an examination of, in next the system is reviewed in, mr. Li Darong emphasizes wanting to be made from filling leakage particularly, the inadequacy on the flaw that classmates should get on in the light of him knowledge and ability undertakes filling leaking reviewing, prevent wrong repeat.

Want to learn to arrange at the same time. Word, phrase cannot be carried on the back blindly when reviewing or keep becoming a problem, and should time summary, review, introspection, adjust in time revise plan and method.

To how better whole is reviewed, mr. Li says, do a problem to change direction by sheet choosing mainly above all read understanding. The university entrance exam pays attention to check student to use the capacity of the language actually, read understanding to hold proportion in the place in examination paper very big, because this wants to read the reading material with stylistic and extensive, diversiform subject matter more at ordinary times, develop language sense, enlarge a vocabulary, increase cultural background.
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