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Cheng Pei of English expert Liu talks about English study method
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* learns English success or failure, depend on greatly how much did we contact English and what kind of English. Reading language material gets the most easily, accordingly we should read more, read all sorts of useful books, good book.

* is recited and dictate is to learn the training method with the most effective foreign language, fundamental phase must hold to. Ten million cannot because active all sorts of English tests do not take an examination of these two and abandon.

* does not look down upon the English simplified edition of world famous book. Fundamental phase reads it 3, 40 ability can be experienced learning English is after all how one and the same.

* as soon as possible learns to use flower - flower dictionary. Because English-Chinese dictionary most does not explain acceptation,this is, give quits speech only, and the vocabulary of two kinds of languages is not OK completely quits.