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Show of English expert the Qin Dynasty talks about English study method in vain
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* good student is not to be on classroom by the teacher " religion " come out, rely on a teacher to be in however classroom inside and outside " guide " come out. English of be used to of go to school, not " treasure " detain is on classroom education, and should rely on self-study. We Live In And By Language. Want to learn to learn English in the life. The limits of the life has how old, your English study heaven and earth has how broad. Indeed, the language environment all round you is Chinese, but you yourself can be created completely fictitious " English world " . Often ask oneself: How should be this meaning or this thing conveyed with English? Below this kind of circumstance or scene, "Foreigner " some of what word can you say? Taking this kind of problem to read, go consulting another person, can " get effect instantly " . Had this kind of consciousness, you can discover: You go where OK to learn English, learning English all one's life.

* should read many English novel. With respect to English study character, an English novel is English actually a when propose form " fictitious world " . Over there somebody, the heart of somebody and person announce with what concern between the person, the somebody and nature, conflict with the society and harmonic. Walk into an English novel, you actually already " the life " be in " English world " in, can the nothing that return anxious learn? Classic work wants to read, writes well contemporary popular fiction also wants to read, because latter language updates delicacy, more the times feels.