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Clean of English expert contented talks about English study method
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* study English follows like becoming any knowledge, do not have shortcut to be able to go, no less than hard time are no good.

* study English should lay good foundation above all. Make from speech dialect, listen to recording to be imitated more more, regular meeting has profit. Study language has to accumulate a process, listening, say, write, in reading 4 basic technical ability, reading is crucial. Should read famous book of simplified edition literature and other and simple and easy reader in great quantities, develop the perceptual knowledge to English, understand the culture cultural background of English society. If the article that oneself are interested in or poetry or name piece the back comes down, the English that the tunnel writes after that is right can have very big gain.

* study English is to use. On many reading foundation, want try every means to use the thing that he acquires. The simplest method is use English him repeat interested reading material and keep a diary with English. These two kinds of method can make the our conscious when read language material that searchs us to want to use and expressive way, and long-term importunate result can raise us to understand textual ability and the ability that convey an idea correctly with English.