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English expert Zhang Weiyou talks about English study method
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In recent years constant somebody is being taken various " English is crash class " the opinion that advertisement will come to ask for me, ask to whether be necessary to attend. Have in them for reference in parent of the old high school student of school, student, graduate student the personnel, officer that is about to promote duty to promote. My answer often makes them disappointed however. "Crash " correspondence tries to perhaps have some of effect, but should learn a language truly, "Crash " the road is to go absolutely be illogical.

Review me to learn English process, pinch of hardships of it may be said. Because learn English to start later, do not have so good condition again at the outset, what so I lean is " recital is written from memory " . The language material at that time is not much, basically be to rely on textbook, ground of all sorts of bolt of English teaching material of bring into contact with of my aux will be able to carry on the back completely: Place name of sentence pattern of phrase of back word, back, back, name back a person, back, back text of punctuation mark, back, back practices, whats are carried on the back. Begin recital to rise very arduous, nevertheless, time grows, write down faster more, carry on the back easier more. Some sentences or language phenomenon, begin to understand not completely, once the back became ripe, connected naturally, the book that place of confirm the ancients says is read 100 times, its justice see oneself. "

Writing from memory also is my commonly used method. To deepen memory, I insist to write from memory. No matter how the text is long, I am carry it on the back above all ripe, undertake writing from memory again next, write down the text to end silent from the beginning with memory, include nomenclature and punctuation mark. Although this is a kind " stupid " method, hold out beautiful time, but the effect is very distinct however. No matter be,take an exam later, such as big the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral, punctuation mark, and even the small error of spelling spelling and so on is very few, notch nature is tall. Recital thing is much, produced language move slowly, encounter incorrect sentence sometimes, although say not clear reason, feel not suitable by instinctive meeting, kept away from consequently. Learned to also go up accordingly a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, at first the suffering of study subsequently translate into fun.

"Listen " and " say " by accepted it is the difficulty that learns a foreign language. Want to be able to listen can say, be about to listen to say more more, this is well-known truth. Actually, hear of the person with strong capability, not be delicacy of its sense organ, basically be their language is accumulated rich and generous (the problem) that has intellectual side of course. If the vocabulary is big, syntactic knowledge firm, hear ability rises easily. When I begin experienced hearing, often also use " dead " method, chase word ground to note literally to audition stuff come down. Such doing " with one action counts " : Useless be proud be like twin of green  standing tall and upright to be proud Sou carves common of Bi of ǎ  Gou already  of hoarse of exacting of care of boil abundant  unexpectedly excuse me of Bi of Gou of  of Ma of dish of σ of Γ   : Does exhaust thick  break through  hut does  of prize of the swollen fade that show ň fall does copy boil reason of word of   thin < to become warped does  ⒚ bar Cui ィ  does from ⒂ mace Xie  of triangular bream of cut down of Huang Bei of  of abstruse cangue scar boil   to protect  accumulate choke of colour of σ of  of Gou to instruct? Planning Mo arm shine  Suan? Bits of cadmium of instruct numerous Xue writes down neon of  of Tao of  of  of Shang Yu  and thirsty Lan of  humorous wetting muddleheaded flinchs americium carries J of die young copy guides reed of  of  っ sole instantlies  of carry of graceful americium making fun of  tells mace of ⒂ of  caution в exhaust of  of  of approach of Huang Ai shipboard: Palpitate of Yu Lue Huan invades? of pry σ Qiong, often be the be caused by of on any account of the amount of control promise material and the familiar degree to material. Learn to be consulted natively every time so when how practicing spoken language, my interlocution is remained " write down more, much back, much practice " .
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