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English expert yellow source talks about English study method greatly
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* is read in great quantities crucial to English study, do not have a large number of reading to learn English very hard. A common fault of nowadays student is to read a quantity too small, constrained on essay chapter " intensive cultivation " , cannot produce language move, consequently buccal pen language lacks foreign taste. Read literary work and medicine of fine of potion of can yet be regarded as of foreign the press more.

* writing can make the person feels the inadequacy on English study most, the sensitivity that can heighten antonym character most and absorb ability. Good composition is (student) draw up those who come, either (teacher) change come out, write ability to give an implied meaning more. Writing often is hard work in the begining, do not insist to be able to abandon, need will consequently. Writing should complementary with a large number of reading, the mistake that appears in writing can be corrected through reading ego.

* flower beauty objects carrying a dictionary on the back, be opposite consequently for the person that says mother tongue, the environment mixes good language to read enough in great quantities to make English vocabulary gets for many times repetition, until be mastered. And the English learner situation of our country is different, live in Chinese language environment, of English read a quantity to often be not worth, pass in natural words condition hard repeat the whole vocabulary that masters this. Accordingly the vocabulary of Chinese student often slants small, to listening, say, read, write create very big obstacle. I hold the student that has certain base (be like big 3 students) might as well back dictionary, economize to avoid running short, do not have an insatiable desire for much, expensive holding to. Back while otherwise forgets to read, make has carried on the back vocabulary is able to consolidate in read. Control vocabulary more than 1, learner has the feeling of be suddenly enlightened.