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A Great Poem Is A Fountain Forever Overflowing With The Waters Of Wisdom And Delight (P.B.Shelley, british Poet)

Great poem is namely forever the fountain of the water of ejective wisdom and exultation. (P B of Lai of British poet snow)

A Novel Is A Mirror Walking Along A Main Road. (Stendhcl, french Writer)

A novel is just as the looking glass that takes on the ave at the same time. (French writer manages soup is amounted to)

A Picture Is A Poem Without Words. (Horace, ancient Roman Poet)

A picture is a poetry that does not have a character. (He Lasi of ancient Rome poet)

A Poet Is A Man Who Puts Up A Ladder To A Star And Climbs It While Playing A Violin. ( Goncourt, french Writer)

The poet is such person, he wears a ladder that leads to star -- climb ladder at the same time at the same time fiddler. (E of Gu Er of French writer Gong)

A Poet Is Born, not Made. (L.A.Florus, ancient Roman Poet)

The poet relies on endowment, not be to rely on to foster. (Ancient Rome poet nots Luo Lu L A)

Any One Who Conducts An Argument By Appealing To Authourity Is Not Using His Intelligence; He Is Just Using His Memory. (Da Vinci, italian Painter)

One is renting the person that cite the classics will come to argue, either in the intellect that applies oneself, he is in the memory that uses oneself. (Italian painter amounts to · fragrance to surprise)

Art Is A Lie That Tells The Truth. (Picasso, spanish Painter)

Art is to announce the crammer of the truth. (Spanish painter Picasso)

Art Is Long, and Time Is Fleeting. (Longfellow, american Poet)

Art is lasting, twinking dies time namely. (American poet Longfellow)

Art Is Much Less Important Than Life, but What A Poor Life Without It! (Robert Motherwell, american Painter)

Art is far important without the life, but living without art is how drab! (The United States draws R of Wei Er of domestic horse condone)

Art Is Not A Handicraft, it Is The Transmission Of Feeling Theorist Has Experienced. (Len Tolstoy, russian Writer)

Art is not craft, the experiences emotive that it is an artist is delivered. (Russian author Tuoersitai. L)

Art Is The Mold Of Feeling As Language Is The Mold Of Thought. (Susanne Langer, american Philosopher)

Art is emotive mould, be just as a language is the mould of the thought. (S of American philosopher Lange)

Art Is The Object Of Feeling, and The Subject Of Nature. (S.K.langer, american Philosopher And Educator)

Art is affective is behaved objectively. Also be the subjective report of nature. (S K of Lange of American philosopher, educationist)

Art Is The Right Hand Of Nature. The Latter Only Gave Us Being, but The Former Made Us Men. (Friedrich Schiller, german Poet)

Art is natural right hand. Let us naturally exist only, and the mankind that art creates us. (German poet banquet straps F)
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