Proverbial encyclopedia (2)
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Each Bird Love To Hear Himself Sing. Indulge in self-admiration.

Early To Bed And Early To Rise Makes A Man Healthy, wealthy And Wise. Sleep early rise early the body is good.

Easy Come, easy Go. Come hasty also, go hasty also.

Eat To Live, but Not Live To Eat. The person has a meal is for living, but living not be to have a meal.

Empty Vessels Make The Greatest Sound. Solid grind breathed sky to grind full bottle noisy not to move half bottles to shake.

Example Is Better Then Percept. Say, be inferior to be being done.

Experience Is The Father Of Wisdom And Memory The Mother. Experience is the father of wisdom, memory is the mother of wisdom.

Experience Must Be Bought. Eat one chasm, long one wisdom.

Fact Speak Louder Than Words. The fact is excelled Demosthenic.

Failure Is The Mother Of Success. Failure is the mother of the success.

False Friends Are Worse Than Bitter Enemies. Bright gun hides easily, attack by a hidden enemy is prevented hard.

Far From Eye, far From Heart. The eye disappears, the heart is not irritated.

Far Water Does Not Put Out Near Fire. A slow remedy cannot meet an emergency.

Faults Are Thick Where Love Is Thin. Affection of in one day is weak, all not pleasing to the eye.

Fear Always Springs From Ignorance. Fear results from ignorant.

Fields Have Eyes, and Woods Have Ears. Beware of eavesdroppers.

Fire And Water Have No Mercy. Floods and fires have no mercy for anybody.

Fire Is A Good Servant But A Bad Master. Fire is a Shuang Renjian.

First Come, first Served. In the order of arrival.

First Impressions Are Half The Battle. The first time meet, impression is the deepest.

First Think And Then Speak. After thinking first, say.

Fools Grow Without Watering. A hopeless case cannot vulture.

Fool ' S Haste Is No Speed. More haste,less speed.

Fools Has Fortune. Gawp has slow-witted good fortune.

Fools Learn Nothing From Wise Men, but Wise Men Learn Much From Fools.

I person ignorant and incompetent, wisdom person feel not ashamed to learn from one's subordinates.

Forbidden Fruit Is Sweet. Forbidden fruit is sweet all the more.

Fortune Favors Those Who Use Their Judgement. Good luck favores the person that be apt to stops.

Fortune Knocks Once At Least At Every Man ' S Gate. Geomantic turn by turns.

Four Eyes See More Than Two. Draw on the wisdom of the masses.

Friends Agree Best At Distance. The distance also can maintain between the friend.

Friends Are Thieves Of Time. The friend is the burglar of time.

Friends Must Part. Again good friend also has when parting company.

Genius Is Nothing But Labor And Diligence. The talent is assiduous nevertheless just.
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