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A Friendship Founded On Business Is Better Than Business Founded On Friendship. (John Davision Rockefeller, american Businessman)
Build the friendship on business affairs foundation to surpass build the business affairs on friendship foundation. (American businessman Luo Kefei straps J D. (American businessman Luo Kefei straps J D..

Advertising May Be Described As The Science Of Arresting Human In-telligence Long Enough To Get Money From It. (Leacock Stephen, canadian Economist)
Advertisement can be regarded as wisdom of mankind of a kind of long becloud with period the skill that makes money from which. (L of Canadian economist Si Difen)

All Progress Is Based Upon A Universal Innate Desire On The Part Of Everyorganism To Live Beyond Its Income. (Samuel Butler, british Writer)
Common people there's no one who doesn't or isn't cherishs a kind of inherent desire, want a defray to exceed income, this is the motivation of all progress. (British writer Botele. S. S..

Avarice, the Apur Of Industry. (David Hume, bdritish Philosopher)
Greedy a shot in the arm that is industry. (British philosopher rests planning D)

Business? That's Very Simple----It's Other People's Money. (Alexandre Dumas, french Novelist)
Deal? That is too simple -- call others to draw out purse. (A of horse of intermediate of French novel wife and children)

Business Underlies Everything In Our National Life, including Our Spiritual Life, witness The Fact That In The Lord's Prayer The First Petition Is For Daily Bread, no One Can Worship God Or Love His Neighbor On An Empty Stoach. (Woodrow Wilson. American President)
The life includes the base of cultural life. Unassailable fact is, the first thing that petitions to god in paternoster is to let us have bread every day. Without god of the person can be hungry abdomen piously worship or the neighbour that have deep love for him. (W of American president Wilson. (W of American president Wilson..

Did You Ever Expect A Corporation To Have A Conscience, when It Has No Soul To Damned, and No Body To Be Kicked? (Edward Thurlow, british Lawyer)
The company can be cursed without the soul already, do not have a body to be able to be kicked to break up again, do you count on it what to conscience there is? (Los angeles of British attorney a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument.E.

Economy The Poor Man's Mints; Extravagance The Rich Man's Pitfall. (Martin Tupper. American Economist. American Economist..
Managing the mint that is a poor, waste is the trap of wealthy person. (.M of Po of American economist tower. (.M of Po of American economist tower..

For Years I Thought What Was Good For Our Country Was Good For General Motors, and Vice Versa. (Charles E. Wilison American President Of GM)
Much youth employment, I think advantageous to the country thing is advantageous also to company of our general motors from beginning to end, vice versa. (C.E of Wilson of president of company of American general motors. (C.E of Wilson of president of company of American general motors..
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