Proverbial encyclopedia (3)
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I Cannot Be Your Friend And Your Flatterer Too. The friend cannot be fawned on.

If A Man Deceives Me Once, shame On Him, if He Deceives Me Twice, shame On Me. Be duped to turn round, again much disgraceful.

If You Make Yourself An Ass, don't Complain If People Ride You. Person be apt to by person bully, ma Shan is ridden.

If Your Ears Glow, someone Is Talking Of You. Ear has a fever, somebody talk about again and again.

If You Run After Two Hares, you Will Catch Neither. The foot steps two boats, sure come to nothing.

If You Sell The Cow, you Sell Her Milk Too. Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

If You Venture Nothing, you Will Have Nothing. Do not enter dangerous place, yan Dehu child.

If You Want Knowledge, you Must Toil For It. Want to seek knowledge, have to bear hardships.

Industry Is The Parent Of Success. Assiduous the mother that is a success.

It Is Better To Die When Life Is A Disgrace. Rather jade is broken, do not be tile complete.

It Is Easier To Get Money Than To Keep It. Earn money cash of easy save money is hard.

It Is Easy To Be Wise After The Event. Zhuge of after the event has shined to become.

It Is Easy To Open A Shop But Hard To Keep It Always Open. Do poineering work easy safeguard one's heritage is difficult.

It Is Hard To Please All. It Is Never Too Old To Learn of it is difficult to cater for all tastes. Live to be old, acquire old.

It Is No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk. Spilt water cannot be gathered up again.

It Is The First Step That Costs Troublesome. All things start is bad.

It Is The Unforeseen That Always Happens. Something unexpected may happen any time, the person has unexpected good or bad fortune.

It Is Too Late To Grieve When The Chance Is Past. Let slip a golden opportunity, regret late already.

It Never Rains But It Pours. Do not cry criterion already, amaze the people with a single brilliant feat.

It Takes Three Generations To Make A Gentleman. 10 years of tree, person of hundred years tree.

Jack Of All Trades And Master Of None. Door door is perfectness, all is poor.

Judge Not From Appearances. Person cannot appearance photograph, the sea cannot fight a quantity.

Justice Has Long Arms. Day net extensive, scanty and do not leak.

Keep Good Men Company And You Shall Be Of The Number. Close Chinese ink of one takes on the color of one's company is black.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone. Kill two hawks with one arrow.

Kings Go Mad, emperor of And The People Suffer For It is crazy, common people suffers disaster.

Kings Have Long Arms. On God's earth, is it possible that Wang Tu.

Knowledge Is Power. Knowledge is force.
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