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There is hellion on if world, also won't have good lawyer. (C of British fictionist Di Gengsi)

If We Only Had Some God In The Country's Laws, instead Of Beng In Such A Sweat To Get Him Into The Constitution, it Would Be Better All Around. (Mark Twain, american Writer)

If there is some kind of deities only in the law of our country, is not Lv of exhaust essence exhaust kneads deities receive charter, on the whole for, it is better that law is met. (· of American writer mark is spat lukewarm)

In Nature There Are No Rewards Or Punishments; There Are Consequences. (HoraclAnnexley Vachell, british Writer)

There are award and penalty in nature, have punitive justice only. (British writer tile thanks Er H A)

It Is Better To Fight For Justice Than To Rail At The Ill. (Alfreds Tennyson, bitish Writer)

Scold injustice with its, be inferior to promoting justice. (British writer Ding Ni gives birth to A)

Aws Are Generally Found To Be Nets Of Such A Texture, as The Little Creep Through, great Break Through of The   , and The Middle-sized Are Alone Entangled In. (William Shensto, british Poet)

People connects regular meeting to discover, law is such a kind nets, strike the person that makes law, small can wear a net and pass, big can defeat a net and go out, only medium ability can drop into the net. (British poet Shensi connects W)

Law Can Nerver Be Enforced Unless Fear Supports It. (Sophocles, ancient Greek Dramatist)

If law is propped up without fear, it absolutely cannot become effective. (Ancient Greek dramatist Suofukelesi)

Law Is The Crystallizaton Of The Habit And Thought Of Society. (Woodrow Wilson, american President)

Law is a society consuetudinary the crystallization with the thought. (W of American president Wilson)

Law Is Order, and Good Law Is Good Order. (Aristole, ancient Greek Philosopher)

Law is order, the law that has had just has good order. (Ancient Greek philosopher Yalishiduode)

Laws Grind The Poor, and Rich Men Rule The Law. (Oliver Goldsmith, british Writer)

Of legal absorb poor cream blood, and wealthy person is mastering power however. (British writer Geerdesimisi O)

Mankind Censure Injustice, fearing That They May Be The Victims Of It And Not Because They Shrink From Commintting It. (Plato, ancint Grek Philosopher)

The mankind tries to censure to inequitable behavior, because they are willing to make this kind of conduct,be not, however the victim that him for fear that can become this kind of action. (Plato of ancient Greek philosopher)

No Society Can Make A Perpetual Constitution, or Even A Perpetual Law. (Thomas Jefferson, america President)

It do not have which society is OK to do not have which society formulate forever applicable constitution, even forever applicable law. (American president Jefferson T)
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