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A Teacher Affects Eternity; He Can Never Tell Where His Influence Stops. (H.B.Adams, american Historian)

Pedagogic influence is lasting; Inestimable his influence can have many far-reaching. (American historian Adam this H B)

And Gladly Would Learn, and Gladly Teach. (Chaucer, british Poet)

Apply gladly frequently at the person ability of study religion. (Old man of British poet tall)

Better Be Unboun Than Untaught, for Ignorance Is The Root Of Misfortune. (Plato, ancient Greek Phiosopher)

Do not get education with its, do not know to not be born, because ignorance is unfortunate germ. (Plato of ancient Greek philosopher)

Dancing In All Its Forms Cannot Be Excluded From The Curriculum Of All Noble Education: Dancing With The Feet, with Ideas, with Works, and, need I Add That One Must Also Be Able To Dance With The Pen? (Friedrich W.Nietzsche, german Philosopher)

The curricular the outside and the inside of all and exalted education cannot not dance multiformly: Dance with the foot, dance with the thought, dance with utterance, need not say, still need to dance with the pen. (The Buddhist nun collects German philosopher F W)

Education Commences At The Mother's Knee, and Every Word Spoken Within The Hearsay Of Children Tends Towards The Formation Of Character. (Hosea Ballou British Cducator)

Education only then fall at maternal genu, child child ear listens one character one language, all affect the formation of its disposition. (H of British educationist Ba Lu)

Educaton Does Not Mean Teaching People To Kow What They Do Not Know; It Means Teachng Them To Behave As They Do Not Behave. (John Ruskin, british Art Critic)

Education does not depend on making the person knows his place is sealed, and depend on pressing its to place did not go and go. (British art comments on home this golden J)

Education Is A Progressive Discovery Of Our Ignorance. (Durant, american Historian)

Education is the process with progressively him ignorant discovery. (American historian Du Lan is special)

Education Is A Admirable Thing, but It Is Well To Remember From Time To Time That Nothing Worth Knowing Can Be Taught. (Oscar Wilde, british Dramatist)

Education is the thing of envy making a person, but the ground when otherwise remembers: Always be worth to know, neither one is can churchly. (British dramatist Wang Er gets O)

Education Has For Its Object The Formation Of Character. (Herbert Spencer, british Philosopher)

Education is the character with training a person is its target. (H of a place of strategic importance of British philosopher Si Bin)

Education Has Produced A Vast Population Able To Read But Unable To Distinguish What Is Worth Reading. (George Macaulay Trevelyan British Historian)

Education trained large quantities of one people, they can read, but won't distinguish what book to be worth to read. (British historian is special Li Weilian G M)
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