Super life logion 20
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1.A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With Single Step.
The travel of a thousand li, only then at you.

2.Honesty Is The Best Policy.
Honest ability is the best thing to do.

3.Money Doesn't Grow On Trees.
Money does not fall down from the sky.

4.I Know That My Future Is Not Just A Dream.
I know my future is not a dream.

5.To Convert Defeat Into Victory.
Win instead of lose.

6.Youth Means Limitless Possibilities.
Young it is infinite likelihood.

7.Leave Behind A Clean World For Future Generations.
Leave next generation a clean world.

8.You Can Do It Too!
You also are done get!

9.Get To Another Summit In Your Career.
Initiate another height of professional career.

10.Pursue Breakthroughs In Your Life.
Pursue the breakthrough of ego.

11.Never Say Die.
Never abandon.

12.Knowledge Is Power.
Knowledge is force.

13.Never Too Old To Learn.
Live to be old, acquire old.

14.Practice Makes Perfect.
Skill comes from practice.

15.Go For It! = Just Do It!
Cheer! Rush ahead! Did besides!

16.No Pain, no Gain.
The world thing does not have reap without sowing thing.

17.Everyday And In Every Way I'm Getting Better.
Everyday my life is in every respect improve.

18.Time Is Money.
Time is money.

19.Man Can Conquer Nature.
Man can conquer nature.

20.Better Late Than Never.
Want to begin only, although evening is not late.