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·A Jack Of All Trades And Master Of None. Jack of all trades and master of none does not have a strong point.
·A Joke Never Gains An Enemy But Often Loses A Friend. Always cannot change for fun enemy for friend, can lose a friend sometimes instead.
·A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand. Difficult hold together of domestic internal conflict.
·A Horse Is Neither Better Nor Worse For His Trappings. Photograph horse cannot the adornment by the horse.
·A Hero Is Known In The Time Of Misfortune. The current situation makes a hero.
·A Heavy Purse Makes A Light Heart. Pocket money is enough, mood nature is wide.
·A Hasty Man Is Seldom Out Of Trouble. Sexual misfortune avoids go wrong.
·A Happy Heart Makes A Blooming Visage. Be elated, beam with smiles.
·A Handful Of Common Sense Is Worth Bushel Of Learning. Little common sense often surpasses a lot of valuable knowledge.
·A Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuser. Wicked bravery is guilty.
·A Guilty Conscience Is A Self-accuser. Have a guilty conscience, conscience puts to death oneself.
·A Great Talker Is A Great Liar. Most meeting chatterer also is most meeting liar.
·A Good Winter Brings A Good Summer. Good year of auspicious snow million.
·A Good Tongue Is A Good Weapon. Bright enunciation is a kind of keen weapon.
·A Good Tale Is None The Worse For Being Twice Told. Good story worths hearing for many times.
·A Good Name Keeps Lustre In The Dark. Good reputation also is met in darkness resplendent.
·A Good Name Is Sooner Lost Than Won. Beautiful praise break god-given and easily.
·A Good Name Is Earlier Lost Than Won. Lose good name easy, it is difficult to get good name.
·A Good Name Is Better Than Riches. Good reputation is surpassed have money.
·A Good Medicine Tastes Bitter. Good medicine tastes bitter, good advice is harsh to the ear.
·A Good Maxim Is Never Out Of Season. Axiom won't outdated.
·A Good Marksman May Miss. Wisdom person 1000 Lv, surely one is break.
·A Good Horse Often Needs A Good Spur. Good Ma Chang is close friends boots thorn.
·A Good Horse Cannot Be Of A Bad Colour. Wool quality of the horse of fine breed won't be poor.
·A Good Heart Conquers Ill Fortune. Benevolence overcomes adversity.
·A Good Healthy Body Is Worth More A Crown In Gold. The imperial crown that Jin Zhu becomes healthy body Gui Wuhuang.
·A Good Head And An Industrious Hand Are Worth Gold In Any Land. Clever head is laborious hand, take the world expensive like gold.
·A Good Friend Is My Nearest Relation. If the beneficial friend is near.
·A Good Fame Is Better Than A Good Face. Good good reputation gets the better of Wu Hao's appearance.
·A Good Face Is A Letter Of Recommendation. Good appearance is a recommended recommendation.
·A Good Dog Deserves A Good Bone. Fatigue wins a prize.
·A Good Example Is The Best Sermon. Teach by word of mouth of be better than of teaching by one's own example.
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