English reads basic skill, it is difficult to grow a pass a barrier (12)
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Our Forefather Had No Idea That Human Population Would Increase Faster Than The Supplies Of Raw Materials; Most Of Them, even Until Very Recently, had The Foolish Idea That The Treasures Were " Limitless " And " Inexhaustible "

But One Thing Is Certain: Information And Knowledge Will Become Even More Vital, and The People Who Possess It, whether They Work In Manufacturing Or Services, will Have The Advantage And Produce The Wealth.

They Appear To Do Everything In A Rush, with An Eye On The Clock, as If They Had A Short Time To Live.

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  Point: Semicolon around stands side by side for two sentence. In the 2nd clause, adverbial modifier of time of Even Until Very Recently is inserted between subject Most Of Them and predicate Had. Them points to before era one Forefathers.
   Referenced translation: Our elder does not know population can compare raw material to supply growth to must want fast; Return a mistake to must think rich is infinite to most before recently person even, won't use up forever.

   Point: Stand side by side the adverbial modifier subordinate clause that Whether guiding inserts between a subject The People after And and predicate Will Have.
   Referenced translation: But have is affirmation: Information and knowledge will become more important. No matter the person that has information and knowledge is to producing an industry to still work in service industry, can have an advantage and can create wealth.

   Point: Preposition phrase " With An Eye On The Clock " for parenthesis, adverbial modifier is done in the sentence. "As If " subordinate clause of derivative means adverbial modifier, predicate verb is fictitious mood.
   Referenced translation: They look do every thing cursory, the eye is staring at clock, as if their have unripe year extremely brief like.