English reads basic skill, it is difficult to grow a pass a barrier (14)
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It Is, everyone Agrees, a Huge Task That The Child Performs When He Learn To Speak, and The Fact That He Does So In So Short A Period Of Time Challenges Explanation.

Do The Constantly Changing Fashions Of Women's Clothes, one Wonders, reflect Basic Qualities Of Inconstancy And Instability?

It Was Probably Not Until The 1880's That Man, with The Help Of More Advanced Steam Locomotive, managed To Reach A Speed Of One Hundred Mph (mile)

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  Point: "Everyone Agrees " for parenthesis. "And " concatenate stand side by side twice sentence, before one is " It Is... That " emphasize sentence pattern; Hind one clause " The Fact " hind for appositive subordinate clause " That He Does So In So Short A Period Of Time " , accordingly, the body of one clause is The Fact Challenges after (need) Explanation
  Referenced translation: Everyone agrees child theory word is a difficult issue really, and the child can be accomplished in so short time need very good explanation to just go really.

   Point: "One Wonders " for parenthesis, is the structure a main force " Do The Fashions Reflect Qualities? " , "Fashions " have two attribute " Constantly Changing " and " Of Women's Clothes " . "Qualities " also have two attribute " Basic " and " Of Inconstancy And Instability " .
   Referenced translation: Whether does the style that we do not know to woman dress changes ceaselessly mirror instead fluky with not stable basic characteristic.

   Point: This to emphasize sentence pattern " It Was... That... " preposition phrase is inserted between Man of the subject in; That subordinate clause and predicate Managed " With The Help Of... " make adverbial modifier.
  Referenced translation: Probably till 19 centuries 80 time, human have the aid of a kind of more advanced steam locomotive, just achieve horary 100 miles speed.