English reads basic skill, it is difficult to grow a pass a barrier (13)
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Americans Admire The Self-made Person, The One Who, with Neither Money Nor Family Influence, fights His Or Her Way To The Top.

Silly Or Wise, terrible Or Delightful, it Is A Further Helping Of Experience, an Additional Joy After Dark, another Slice Of Life Cut Differently For Which, it Seems To Me, we Are Never Sufficiently Grateful.

Quite A Different Problem, but One That Is Causing Growing Concern, is That Computers May Violate People's Privacy.

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  Point: After dash " The One " be in front the appositive of Person, "The One " from the back the attributive subordinate clause that again one is guided by Who, there is a parenthesis between subject and predicate among them: With Neither Money Nor Family Influence.
   Referenced translation: American admires the personage that rely on an individual to struggle and succeeds: This kind of person also does not have domestic background without money already, rely on oneself struggling ascend to stratosphere.

   Point: Silly Or Wise, terrible Or Delightful is parallel structure, in sentence in make concessional adverbial modifier. Additionally sentential predicative also is parallel structure " A Further Helping Of Experience, an Additional Joy After Dark " " It Seems To Me " for parenthesis, in the attributive subordinate clause that inserts For Which guiding.
   Referenced translation: No matter be foolish,still be clever, dreariness is cheerful still, the life in the dream is deeper additionally one kind of experience, be after the day is black ability some another kind of joy, it is the flank that the life differs another times, to this I feel how to be appreciated it seems that also had not been.

   Point: Sentence in " But One That Is Causing Growing Concern " , in sentence in make parenthesis. Be right on the meaning " Quite A Different Problem " compensatory specification. One replaces above paragraphs to mention " Problem "
  Referenced translation: Disparate but the problem that poses people attention more and more however is: The computer may violate the privacy of people.