English Great Master talks about English study method
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Mr Xu Guozhang old outside north says:

Learn English to be about inordinate, want a day to not be afraid that the ground is not afraid of. Learn a foreign language, want sharp-eyed, ear bright, the mouth is diligent, swift-handed. Want to be read more only, write down more, tell more, write more, have the day of success will come when conditions are ripe oneself.

Learn a foreign language, the person that pursues lingustic research does not encircle him in read-only in the narrow heaven and earth of foreign language, must have good country to learn a basics. Optical the English of a few dryasdust is no good... always do not put reading end in raise English to go up, reading is to absorb knowledge above all, in the process that recruits knowledge absorbed a language naturally.

Mr Wang Zunliang old outside north says:

Will learn a language through culture, the language also can learn weller.

Of the language have charm, of the style be worth to consider, because,basically be from the back have a great inner world: But this is both must artistic confluence is together, because force of this language expression is the same as thought insight,promote each other again. Style, the research of the style has effective use, it can make us more thorough the function of ground observation English, see English advantage, demerit, and should special attention or the vigilant place when we are learning English. Because English is used not hard on one hand, covered pit before the use person that do not take care or takes care overly again on one hand.

The old gentleman of fine of week penannular jade ring outside north says:

To the interpreter's measure I have the following view;

(1) . First interpret of word for word goes out, drop what thing not less, do not prevent certain interpreter cavity.
(2) . Cast textual, read translated text only, according to textual style (succinct, depressed, wait wittily) modification translation character. Can discover a lot of problem at this moment, often be problem of context echo connection and integral style problem.
(3) . Again right textual, saw a meaning.
(4) . Put a few days look again after a few weeks even. Had blurred to textual memory at this moment. When afore-mentioned the 2nd phase alters a written language Ceng Yin is textual still remember mostly, feel to return a lot of places of smoothly, had been not connected now, need alters a written language again. Often should add some of word at this moment or decrease some of word ability to make a meaning clear. Revise through this, say translation can be taken out commonly. The culture that should understand one country is about to read some of history, literature, include poem and prosaic work. Our country olden children reads into private school, begin to read " 3 words classics " , < < 1000 words article > , < < a hunderd schools is surnamed > , in addition read even < < 1000 poems > > or < < Tang poetry 300 > , want ground of Meng Tong as soon as possible to contact the meaning of our country traditional culture namely. We read bit of Ying Shi, purpose and this is similar.
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