9 kinds most the English sentence that often uses - greet sb 9 - Greetings
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[greet sb 9] :

Greet sb, except Greetings 9 the most commonly used call sign.

As long as the friend can use:

How's Everything? Is everything good?

What's Up? Recent situation how?

What's New? What is there new issue?

What's Happening? In busy what?

Any when hind can use, but compare regard sb as an outsider:

How Are You? How do you do?

Apply to first time to meet:

Nice To Meet You. Very glad to see you.

Apply to once had seen, but not quite ripe person:

Nice To See You Again. Very glad to see you again.

Apply to the friend that a period of time did not meet:

How Have You Been? How do you pass?

Apply to very long the friend that did not see:

Long Time No See. Disappear for ages.

[inaccuracy decides 9]

I Don't Know. I do not know.

I'm Not Sure. I am not affirmatory.

Who Knows? Who knows?

Don't Ask Me! Do not ask me!

It's Not Certain. Not affirmatory still.

Nothing Is Set Yet. The thing still does not have decide on a verdict.

It Hasn't Been Decided Yet. Still do not have a decision.

It's Not Clear. The business is not clear still.

It's Up In The Air. The circumstance is muddleheaded still not bright.

It's Hard To Say. Very it's hard to say.

[thank 9]

Say a thank besides Thank You. Besides... 9 the most commonly used thank language

Prevailing view:

Thanks. Thank.

I Really Appreciate It. I am thanked very much.

Compare warm view:

You're One In A Million. You are auspicious person really.

You're The Greatest. You are the most marvellous.

When wanting to be attributed to the other side:

Thanks To You (we Made It On Time. ) want thanks a lot you (our ability is punctual finish) .

I Couldn't Have Done It Without You. If do not have you, I am impossible to accomplish.

Compare official statement:

I'm Truly Grateful For Your Help. I am very obliged your help.

Your Help Was Greatly Appreciated. Your help suffers fully appreciate.

I'd Like To Express My Gratitude. I should convey my Xie Chen.

[path fasten 9]

Say good-bye besides say Goodbye besides... 9 the most commonly used path is fastened language

General use:

Take Care. Take care of.

Later. Ta-ta.

So Long. Goodbye.

Until We Meet Again (next Time. ) see next time.

Nifty view:

See You Later, (Alligator. ) ta-ta, (crocodilian. ) (the part of English rhymes)

The agreement meets next time the usage of time:

See You Tomorrow (next Week, on Monday, etc. Etc..

Tomorrow (next week, next Monday... ) see.

Very grand view (or it is joking view) :

Farewell. Adieu.

The view of exoticism:

Adios (of Spanish article " god blesses you. " )

Hasta La Vista! Of Spanish article " next time adieu. " )

[honey-tongued 9]------The schoolboy looks surely, schoolgirl 隨
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