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1. Gerundial subject

1) the noun is put in directly sentence head make subject. For example:

Using The Right Hand To Shake Hands Is A Convention In Many Countries.

One kind using right hand handclasp is a lot of countries consuetudinary.

2) gerund is in " the substantival Doing such as It Is No Use/ No Good/ Fun / A Waste Of Time/ A Good Pleasure " subject is made in the structure, it is formal subject. For example:

It Is No Good Writing To Him; He Never Answers Letters.

Write to his misgivings, he does not write back.

It Is No Use Your Complaining; The Company Won't Do Anything About It.

Complaining is otiose, the company won't be run.

3) gerund is in " the adjectival Doing such as It Is Useless/ Nice/ Good/ Interesting/ Worthwhile " subject is made in the structure. For example:

It Is Good Playing Chess After Supper.

Step of the play chess after dinner is quite good.

It Is Useless Speaking.

Light says is otiose.

4) gerund is in " There Is (Was) No Doing " subject is made in the structure. For example:

There Is No Denying That She Is Very Efficient.

Her efficiency is tall not allow to deny.

There Is No Telling What He Is Going To Do.

What should he do a bit message is done not have.

2. Gerund makes object

1) the requirement makes object with gerund at the back of some verbs. The verb that often uses so has:

Admit admits; Excuse is excused; Postpone is protracted; Anticipate expectation; Fancy imagination

Practise practices; Appreciate appreciation; Finish is finished; Prevent prevents; Avoid avoids;

Forbid prohibits; Propose proposal; Consider consideration; Forgive forgiveness; Recollect memory;

Delay is delayed; Imagine imagination; Resent is detested; Deny is denied; Involve is involved;

Resist boycott; Detest is detested; Keep reservation; Risk adventure; Dislike is fed up with;

Mind is cared about; Save is rescued; Dread fears; Miss is missed; Suggest proposal;

Enjoy likes; Pardon is excused; Understand understands; Escape escapes; Permit allows

For example:

I Recommend Buying The Dictionary.

I suggest to buy this dictionary.

I Don't Anticipate Meeting Any Opposition.

My estimation won't encounter any crosscurrent.

Will You Admit Having Broken The Window?

Did you admit to break a window?

2) also ask to make object with gerund after some verbs phrase. The verbal phrase that often uses so has:

Can't Stand cannot help; Can't Help cannot help; Feel Like thinks, desire;

Give Up abandons; Put Off is deferred

For example:

He Put Off Making A Decision Till He Had More Information.

Before obtaining a detailed information, he was not eager to making a decision.

Do You Feel Like Taking A Walk?

You should not take a walk?

3) gerund often follows in preposition or object is become after preposition phrase. The preposition phrase that often uses so has: Instead Of, look Forward To, object To, keep On, see About, take To.
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