English language training institutions in Shenzhen Universiade contract
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December 3, the Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade Organizing Committee of the Executive Board together with the AP at the signing ceremony in English, AP English 2011 World University Games as specified in English training, the two sides signed the "National Grand Canal in English Story" program. Learned that the "Story of English National Grand Canal" project is the AP English language support in the Executive Office of Advocacy and planning under the guidance of the people of Shenzhen Grand Canal to learn English with English popular program. 2011, AP English will into the community, to promote mobilization of the bustling business street, open the American League club, free distribution of "Grand Canal pocket books in English," and so on, the city's strong popularity of the Grand Canal in English. ZHAO Ji-Shuang Midland Group President, said in English, 2011, AP English will join the gathering of world youth event - 2011 World University Games, to the actual action of "fun in English," the idea is passed to each and every learner , so that more people experience the joy of international exchange. Deputy Secretary Executive Office, said Zhao Guanghua, 2011 World University Games is a Continental Celebration, Best State to prove that the international event, will be the level of the Shenzhen International to a new historical high. In preparation for the international event, the Grand Canal during the Universiade, the Executive Board attaches great importance to language services, has been active in organizations in an effort to accomplishing the 2011 World University Games barrier-free international exchange, friendship and harmony of the next World University Games.