A Hog On Ice: Unrestrained, isolated and helpless
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A Hog On Ice, stand in pig of a on glacial face big flesh? Ha, foreigner but of really enough humour.

The title of the first of · fragrance gram etymologic monograph is called etymologist Charles " A Hog On Ice " . In the preface of this book, charles is used full the length of 7 pages will describe his is the origin that how seeks this idiom.

Today, in be being mixed faddish United States of slangy As Independent As A Hog On Ice western, but this slang appears the earliest in new england of 19 centuries medium-term, express " paddle one's own canoe, not controlled controlled, dominate hard " . Original, if a big fat pig jumps out from sty, ran to written guarantee lake face of ice goes up, want to capture it again but difficult! Of course, likely also this big fat pig not careful run to greasy glacial face, as a result 4 hoof skid, be in a dilemma. Also have As Helpless As A Hog On Ice so such view.

About the origin of this slang, still have guess otherly. For instance somebody mixes it Aberdonian a kind ice cast Shi You makes fun of (Curling) connection rises. This kind of game is similar to bowling is played on glacial face.

The meaning of A Hog On Ice is more ambiguous and delicate, express more " unrestrained " or " isolated and helpless " , nevertheless sometimes its meaning is full of however and acid, for instance " be partitioned by others at will " .