Keeping Up With The Joneses
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Keeping Up With The Joneses is a typical beautiful type idiom, express " keep equal with your rich neighbor lifestyle or quality " , this is an acid word actually, point to " with Zun Lin right abandon more extravagant than comparing of ostentation and extravagance " .

Joneses expresses " as equal as him social class person, neighbour " , because Jones is a very familiar last name in English, so its plural form is used to point to era those lives are all round you, the lie between people that perhaps has one wall only. If you go stringing together the door over there him, what you perhaps can discover the color television of their home compares your home is big, the carpet of their home walks softer, even the exuberance that the flowers and plants on their home balcony compares your home. Good, you are smiling to leave with his handclasp, return oneself small home, enclasp double fist cries greatly: "I Must Keep Up With The Joneses! " .

Etymologist Barry Popik discovers, keeping Up With The Smiths And The Joneses is in similar statement early to appeared in book 1894, arrived 19 centuries are terminal Keeping Up With The Joneses of brief melt into, become a fixed idiom. 1913, column painter Yase Momande is in " new York world " (The New York Globe) on open up column of caricature of a serialize, caption is Keeping Up With The Joneses. This column is on American newspaper serialize 32 years, wide welcome, keep Up With The Joneses also the everyday term that ground of follow a rational line to do some work well became American.

Old hind, that column painter writes civil explanation to take the motive of this name to column in those days. So inferior there was a Zhou Xin when a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument is 23 years old the job of 125 dollars, in 20 centuries initial stage, this income has comparatived considerable. Inferior new York is moved after marriage of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument suburban " wealthy person area " long island (Long Island) live, he sees neighbour is rustic club member, oneself also are joined. See the family is equestrian, he also buys a horse. See neighbour employ lackey, he still is illuminated do. Like as a result of him and Zun Lin is right abandon vie bottle rich, the life is more and more grandiose and extravagant, the result gets be heavily in debt, creditor faces the door, be obliged to move area of long island plute, be far from buckish world.