Hard Cheese: Hapless thing
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The cheese that gnaws rat-tat of a hard rat-tat laboriously when you when, what are you thinking? Too insipid? Too bad? Pretty good, hard Cheese is a misfortune " hapless thing " .

Hard Cheese is a typical British slang, express " adversity, unfortunate, too bad " . Does Hard Cheese tip slaughter distant of bandit You street? 876 years, its are aberrant Hard Cheddar appeared on book 1931 about. Famous etymologist Eric Partridge thinks, epicure people favore normally the sort of what save not easily is soft soft cheese. If the attendant of dining-room is,come from afar so " have the home " people on the newspaper one " I am sorry, gentleman, there was hard cheese only today " , the people that believes those regrets can squeeze a such word to come from slit between the teeth: "Tough Luck! " , "Too Bad! " , "Disaster! " , "Hard Cheese! "

The literature that does not pass Eric " English adage dictionary " compile with regenerator Paul · Bell thinks, the Cheese here perhaps is not the sort of real cheese that shows we eat. He thinks, cheese is the English slang of 19 centuries, express " right thing, right thing, clipping person or thing " (in Persia language, chiz = Thing) , for example The Big Cheese expresses " the anybody that has force " . Because this Hard Cheese has " evildoing affection " meaning.

Be in England, hard Cheese often is sympathized with with what will convey pair of other by people, or contemptuous ground refutes other. For example: I Heard That You Lost You Beloved Little Grandson. It's Really Hard Cheese. (I hear you lost beloved small grandchildren, be too unfortunate really. ) Don't Like Your Gruel, boy? Well, hard Cheese. (the gruel that does not like you, boy? Really pitiful. ) Hard Cheese circulates gradually later Australia and Canada, but beautiful type English is done not have from beginning to end " admit " this slang.