Fuddy-Duddy: Conservative Laogu board
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If someone calls you Fuddy-duddy, you but must not undeserved bout thing, because he is not to make fun of,you are " conservative Laogu board " , disrelish you namely captious, too nag.

Fuddy-duddy is used to describe two kinds of people, one kind is thought outdated, do not follow to go up of tendency of the day " antediluvian " , although this kind of old-style person is likely not quite be gregarious, but if do not hamper others also it doesn't matter. The 2nd kind of person is those love nag, like a faultfinder, this kind of person always disregards those who reach others to experience, the strength that presses oneself says perpetual. But, conservative " antique class " the character cannot bear the sight of newly emerging things mostly, do not do again " hide into Xiaolou to become unify " , like to be in unluckily gesticulate to send comment greatly aside, the knot of before was being become in that way two kinds of people is fit, more provoking was fed up with.

Fuddy-duddy may be American invention, appear the earliest in about 1904. It comes from Fussy probably, because Fussy is had likewise " worry about of bagatelle, fussy, fastidious " wait for a meaning. When Fussy and Dud (useless, unsuccessful) union rises, formed Fuddy-duddy this belt dot is done laugh and word of joking colorific derogatory sense.

Term of this kind of jackknife is very common in English slang, for instance Hanky-panky (crafty plot, deceit, coltish sexual behavior) ; Okey-dokey (OK, sure) ; Hokey-pokey (magic, deceit, cheap ice-cream) wait.