Pipsqueak: Footy nobody, nudnik
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Actually, you need not fear people calls you proud and proud Jackanapes - - if you are the Pipsqueak of an unknown to public only really. Pipsqueak expresses " footy nobody, nudnik, pipsqueak " .

Deceased American talent poet and etymologist make an appointment with writing · Xi Adi (John Ciardi) think, pipsqueak is the small artillery shell of a kind of high speed that the Germany when the the First World War uses originally. Figure according to him, this kind of artillery shell is in pip (Pip) before can make a howl reputation (Squeak) , because this gets a Pipsqueak.

However, according to " Oxford English dictionary " account, the use with the earliest Pipsqueak appeared 1910, one battle has not happen at that time, place above states academic very difficult consolidate one's position.

Linguist thinks, pipsqueak attributes echoic statement with Bang, Whoosh actually (Echoic) , squeak itself is echoic word, express " Zhi Zhi scream " , do not believe you to wear a pair to walk along squeaky shoe to try knew. Be used to since Pip is long-term express " very little thing " , for instance the apple is planted the check the number on seed and playing card. Pip is Peep originally (of young bird creak sound) aberrant. Accordingly, pipsqueak figure ground depicted " nobody " give out below pressure " Zhi Zhi scream " .