Pear-Shaped: Curly poodle
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The original meaning of Pear-shaped is " wide top of peg-top, bottom is narrow " , it normally can extend the meaning is another meaning: "Was over completely, destroyed " .

This kind of usage appears the earliest in 20 centuries 60 time, evolve by English phrase Go Pear-shaped and come, go Pear-shaped expresses " go astray, crumble, lose control or fail " .

The origin of Pear-shaped is concerned very likely with royal air force. Air force air man learns all sorts of aerobatics, include to turn over a flight among them. Flight crossing a ring also compares difficulty for the air man to having experience, be a novice what is more,the rather that? The ring that ordinary new hand crosses is not quite round, submit pear form. When so ground person looks a novice to turn over a performance, can say: He's Gone All Pear-shaped. Pear-shaped is because of this extend the meaning " failure, was over completely " .