Rodeo: Bull-puncher athletics is performed, equitation performance
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Give everybody introduction an interesting term Rodeo today. Of many person appreciation United States western cowboy style, and Rodeo just expresses " bull-puncher athletics performance, equitation is performed " , how, do not have American local color one time?

Rodeo comes from spanish Rodear, express " saunter everywhere, to-and-fro " (Go Around) . The circular field that its original meaning is appearance circle ox or corral, niu Qun by " circle " (Rounded Up) accepts check the amount in a place or check.

About 1834, rodeo appears in beautiful words, express " paddock, already the circle ground that the Niu Qun of approach surrounds together " . Till 1914, just had contemporary sense " pastoral horsemanship is performed " , namely one kind is revealed equestrian or the public show that covers the skill such as the ox is surpassed (A Contest Or Exhibition Of Riding And Roping Skills) . Occasionally, rodeo also is used to express " autocycle beautiful type is performed " .

When Rodeo makes a verb use, express " attend athletics " or " (be stigmatize and) the oxen and hores-beeasts of burden that drive approach " , for example: Mineral River of American music company published a book, the title is " If I Were A Word, then I'd Be A Song " in collected Bill Sitansi (Bill Staines) work " A Cowboy's Hard Times " , there are a paragraph of such words of songs inside:

I Once Was A Cowboy, and I Used To Run Wild.

And I Rodeoed, wrangled, and Rambled In Style.

But I'm Too Old For Horses, too Old For The Show,

And I'm Too Young For Heaven; Now Where Shall I Go?

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