Digital camera norms is Chinese and English contrast
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CCD resolution CCD Pixels

Video resolution Image Size

ISO speed Sensitivity

Lens of camera lens function

Digital scorch Digital Zoom

Be opposite automatically anxious Autofocus

The hand moves pair of anxious Manualfocus

Surround General Shooting Distance to Jiao Fan commonly

Pat pair of anxious limits Macro Shooting Distance nearly

Aperture limits Aperture Range

Balance White Balance in vain

Shutter speed Shutter

Inside buy flashlight Built-in Flash

Flashlight Supported Speedlights is received outside

Flashlight mode Flash Mode

Exposure compensates Exposure Compensation

Measure smooth means Exposure Metering

Aperture predetermination Aperture-Priority Auto

Shutter predetermination Shutter-Priority Auto

Pat Continuous Capture Modes repeatedly

Remote of long-range remote control

Tripod uses Tripod Mount

Pat Self-Timer oneself

Store media Storage Media

Add randomly give memory Attached Storage

Do not compress format Uncompressed Image Format

Compress format Compressed Image Format

The picture chooses Tuning character

Watch Jing Chuang Viewfinder

LCD Display of liquid crystal screen

Inspect dispatch to output Video Output

Alignment interface Serial Interfaces

USB interface USB Interfaces

IrDA interface (infrared ray) IrDA Interfaces

Be opposite automatically Autofocus Control of anxious control means

Flashlight index Guide Number

Weight Weight

Measurement standards Dimensions

Use batteries / battery life Power/ Battery Life

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