Poetry English translates: Water moves song head
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Water moves song head

Su Shi

When does the bright moon have,
Ask blue sky wine.
Do not know ethereal imperial palace,
Today evening is why year.
My desire returns by wind,
Fear Lou Yuyu fining jade again,
Altitude deeply cold,
Have brandish clear picture,
He Shi is in the world.
Turn Zhu Ge,
Low figured woven silk material door,
Illuminate without Mian.
Not due hate,
Why the issue is senior to the circle when fastening.
The person has vicissitudes of life,
The month has Yin Qing circle to be short of,
This matter is ancient difficult complete.
I wish the person is long,
A thousand li in all lovely wowan.

"Thinking Of You "

When Will The Moon Be Clear And Bright?
With A Cup Of Wine In My Hand, I Ask The Blue Sky.
I Don't Know What Season It Would Be In The Heavens On This Night.
I'd Like To Ride The Wind To Fly Home.
Yet I Fear The Crystal And Jade Mansions Are Much Too High And Cold For Me.
Dancing With My Moon-lit Shadow
It Does Not Seem Like The Human World
The Moon Rounds The Red Mansion Stoops To Silk-pad Doors
Shines Upon The Sleepless Bearing No Grudge
Why Does The Moon Tend To Be Full When People Are Apart?
People May Have Sorrow Or Joy, be Near Or Far Apart
The Moon May Be Dim Or Bright, wax Or Wane
This Has Been Going On Since The Beginning Of Time
May We All Be Blessed With Longevity Though Far Apart, we Are Still Able To Share The Beauty Of The Moon Together.