In English 10 most the word of firm
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1. Just Wait And See. I Won't Let You Get Away With That.
Our wait and see. I won't let you prevail.

2.You'll Be Sorry.
You can regret.

3.You're Gonna Get What's Coming To You.
You can get Nemesis.

4.If You're Looking For A Fight, you Don't Have To Look Far.
If you want to look for a person to fight, need not search too far.

5.Watch Your Mouth. Do You Know Who You're Talking To?
Conversation is a bit more polite. Do you know with who you are talking?

6.I'll Get Even With You Sooner Or Later.
With this your account I can want to come back sooner or later.

7.Listen, you've Picked The Wrong Person To Quarrel With.
Listening, you seek the target that the fault quarrels.

8.You'd Better Take That Back.
You had better call in that word.

9.You Want To Take It Outside? Anytime!
Do you think of out is solved (quarrel) ? At any time company with!

10.Don't Mess With Me! / Don't Get Fresh With Me!
Do not offend me! / put esteem to me a bit!