Supermarket food name is Chinese and English contrast
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A. Fleshy category (chicken, pig, arrogant)

Big drumstick of Fresh Grade Legs
Flesh of chicken breast of Fresh Grade Breast
Leg of Chicken Drumsticks chickling
Wing of Chicken Wings chicken
Minced Steak wrings the flesh
Pigs Liver pork liver
Foot of Pigs Feet pig
Waist of Pigs Kidney pig
Heart of Pigs Hearts pig
Pork Steak does not have the pork chop of bone
Pork Chops connects the pork chop of bone
The lumbar lean lean that Rolled Porkloin has coiled
The lumbar lean lean that Rolled Pork Belly has coiled is implicative skin
Pork Sausage Meat makes sausage wring the flesh
Flesh of Smoked Bacon drunk
Lis of Pork Fillet is small muscle
Spare Rib Pork Chops takes the lean lean of bone
Spare Rib Of Pork is small flesh and blood
Pork Ribs rib can boil soup edible
Black Pudding black banger
Flesh of Pork Burgers hamburger
Pork-pieces together piece 廋 flesh
Pork Dripping lardy drop
Lard is lardy
Hock pork leg
The thigh meat of bone is taken among Casserole Pork
Joint has the chunk flesh   of bone
Stewing Beef is small lean lean
Steak&Kidney beef piece the waist that add an ox
Frying Steak but big beef that decoct eats
Mimced Beef ox wrings the flesh
Beefsteak of Rump Steak chunk
Flesh of key of Leg Beef ox
OX-Tail oxtail
OX-heart Niu Xin
OX-Tongues ox tongue
Barnsley Chops takes the thigh meat of bone
Flesh of Shoulder Chops shoulder
The beef pork on waist of Porter House Steak
Muscle of flesh of shoulder of Chuck Steak head, oil is more
The beefsteak that Tenderised Steak has flapped
Roll Niu Chang
Cowhells ox muscle
Abdomen of Pig Bag pig
Tripe of Homeycome Tripe beehive
Tripe Pieces tripe piece
White tripe of Best Thick Seam

B. Marine kind

Herring herring
Salmon redfish
Cod cod
Tuna Wei fish
Plaice flatfish
Octopus octopus
Squid cuttlefish
Dressed Squid spends a branch
Mackerel mackerel
The cod that West of Haddock Beijing University produces
Trout trout, suit evaporate to eat
Carp carp
Cod Fillets cod piece, can do piscine a thick soup, or scamper crisp slices of fish meat is very delicious
Conger (Eel) moray
Sea Bream Hai Li
Hake cod fish
Red Mullet red bonito, but decoct or braise in soy sauce will eat
Smoked Salmon fumes redfish *
Smoked Mackerel With Crushed Pepper Corn contains the * fuming mackerel of black peppery bead
Roe of Herring Roes herring
Roe of cod of Boiled Cod Roes
Oyster oyster
Mussel mussel, black, elliptic, do not have housing it is mussel namely
Crab crab
Prawn shrimp
Cutlet of Crab Stick crab
Peeled Prawns shelled fresh shrimps
King Prawns prawn
Winkles river snail
Flesh of Whelks Tops small snail
Shrimps shrimp rice
Cockles Xiaobei flesh
Labster langouste

C. Greens fruit

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