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Plus plus; Positive sign
- Minus minus sign; Minus
Sign of ±   Plus Or Minus
×   Is Multiplied By takes order
÷   Is Divided By removes name
=   Is Equal To is equal to date
≠   Is Not Equal To is not equal to date
≡   Is Equivalent To is equal to date completely
≌   Is Equal To Or Approximately Equal To is equal to or approximate date
≈   Is Approximately Equal To approximates date
<   Is Less Than is less than date
>   Is More Than is more than date
≮   Is Not Less Than is not less than date
≯   Is Not More Than is not more than date
≤   Is Less Than Or Equal To is less than or be equal to date
≥   Is More Than Or Equal To is more than or be equal to date
% Per Cent hundred...
‰   Per Mill thousand...
∞   Infinity infinity date
∝   Varies As and... into scale
√   (Square) Root square root
∵   Since; Because because
∴   Hence so
∷   Equals, as (proportion) is equal to, into scale
Horn of ∠   Angle
Semicircle of ⌒   Semicircle
⊙   Circle is round
○   Circumference is circumferential
Circumferential rate of π   Pi
△   Triangle triangle
⊥   Perpendicular To is perpendicular at
∪   Union Of and, close market
∩   Intersection Of is handed in, open market
∫   The Integral Of... integral
∑   (summation of Sigma) Summation Of
°   Degree is spent
′   Minute is divided
″   Second second
Celsius of ℃   Celsius System

{  Open Brace, bracket of Open Curly left flower
}   Close Brace, bracket of Close Curly right flower
(  Open Parenthesis, open Paren left parentheses
)   Close Parenthesis, close Paren right parentheses
() Brakets/ Parentheses bracket
[Left square brackets of   Open Bracket
] right bracket of   Close Bracket
[] Square Brackets square brackets
. Period, dot full stop, dot
| Vertical Bar, vertical Virgule sets upright a line
&   Ampersand, and, reference, ref and, cite
*   Asterisk, multiply, star, pointer asterisk, take order, star, pressing with a finger
/   Slash, divide, oblique diagonal, sprit, remove name
/ /   Slash-slash, comment double oblique line, annotate accord with
Date of well of #   Pound
Backslash, accord with of transferred meaning of Sometimes Escape backlash, show transferred meaning accord with or add travel symbol sometimes
Accord with of wave of ~   Tilde
. Full Stop full stop
, comma comma
:  Olon colon
Semicolon of;   Semicolon
? Question Mark interrogation
! Anglicism of Exclamation Mark () English of beautiful type of Exclamation Point ()
'   Apostrophe casts order
-   Hyphen hyphen
- - Dash dash
. . . Dots/ Ellipsis suspension points
"Only quote of   Single Quotation Marks
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