Countrywide hotel name is Chinese and English contrast interpreter
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Wuhan hotel:
1.SHANGRI-LA HOTEL of restaurant of sweet case lira
2.Oriental Hotel of Oriental big public house
3.Lake View Garden Hotel of lakeside garden cafe
4.East lake edifice East Lake Hotel
5.HK&Macao Center Business Hotel of hotel of business affairs of center of HongKong and Macow
6.WUHAN ASIA HOTEL of Asian big public house
7.Taihua Hotel of peaceful China edifice
8.White Rose Hotel of white rose big public house
9.The Yangtze Hotel of big public house of the Yangtse River
10.Wuhan Guo Bin Grand Hotel of state guest big public house
11.Xuangong Hotel of Xuan palace restaurant
12.Lijiang Hotel of beautiful river restaurant
Beijing hotel:
1.Swissotel Beijing Hongkong Macau Center of hotel of Switzerland of center of HongKong and Macow
2.ZHAOLONG HOTEL of million dragon restaurant
3.Restaurant Xiyuan Hotel encloseds ground for growing trees on the west
4. Fine in central restaurant The Kerry Center Hotel
5.Celebrity International Grand Hotel of celebrity international big public house
6.International restaurant Beijing International Hotel
7.Prime Hotel of overseas Chinese edifice
8.In Beijing peace Hotel In The Peace Of Beijing of big public house
9.Imperial Crown Holiday Inn Of The City Of Dragon Of Beijing of hotel of holiday of imperial crown of Beijing dragon city
Shanghai hotel:
1.Benevolence Hotel of Ren Hebin house
2.Shanghai emperor amounts to Shanghai Shengda Hotel of big public house
3.Prosperous Dragon's Hotels Of Shanghai of hotel of Shanghai Xin dragon
4.Shanghai Explains The Commercial Hotel Of China of big public house of Shanghai Shen Hua business affairs
5.Shanghai grows boat guesthouse Long Boat Hotel Of Shanghai
6.100 holiday hotel 100 Holiday Inns In Shanghai of Shanghai
7.Apartment Of Mansion Hotel In The New Century Of Shanghai of apartment of hotel of edifice of Shanghai new century
8.River Hotel Of Shanghai Of Shanghai of guesthouse of Shanghai Shanghai river
9.Shanghai China is filled with Shanghai to spin China Of Shanghai Is Full Of Shanghai And Spin The Hotel of big public house
10.Luxuriant Hotel Of China Of Civil Aviation Of Shanghai of house of Mao Bin of Shanghai civil aviaton China
Hangzhou hotel:
1.Flowing Water Garden Hotel Of Hangzhou of guesthouse of center of Hangzhou running water
2.Zhejiang restaurant Hotel Of Zhejiang
3.Zhejiang Good Sea Hotel Of Zhejiang of fine sea big public house
4.Face The Flat Hotel of Linpin big public house
5.Hangzhou Hangzhou Precededs In The Hotel Greatly of grand coronal big public house
6.Xi Hotel Of Dragon Of Hangzhou of big public house of Hangzhou dragon happiness
7.In Hangzhou inferior hotel Hangzhou Central Asia Hotel
8.Hangzhou Commercial Center of Hangzhou commerce edifice
9.Hangzhou Triumphant Happy Hotel Of Hangzhou of triumphant Yue big public house
10.Lily Hotels Of Hangzhou of Hangzhou lily hotel
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