Say sterling English is not difficult
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Saying a beautiful spoken English is the thing that each English lover longs for day and night, although meet English-speaking person now increasing, but the person that says very well truly is little however little. An American friend says to the reporter, a lot of people of current China spoken English progress is very great, already affected communication no longer, some is very fluent even, but true speech is sterling, sound let a person feel tunnel, Orphean really not quite much.

Distinguished professor Di Shizhao is in " correct one's pronunciation - basic skill of beautiful words pronunciation " say in one book: The source with Chinese English not underground pronunciation is lack strict and effective training. It is oneself follow textbook to read no matter, still follow tape to read, still follow a teacher to read, some people always cannot discover his error truly, repeat oneself mistake ceaselessly however, him aggrandizement mistake, enter a malign loop thereby.

The beautiful record that English of application of university of Beijing foreign language ties teachs Mr Paul Hanse to say when accepting a reporter to interview, the beautiful type English that wants to say a tunnel actually (or Anglicism) not difficult, articulate to having for the Chinese of illness, the key is period of time wanting a flower in speech respect a kongfu of serious underground, look for illness and try to correct, otherwise their spoken English also cannot cast off Chinese flavour forever.

Professor Paul Hanse says, english pronunciation is very rich, english flavour depends on speech emphatic, depend on exceeding hyperbole mixes vocalic to talk with abdomen, and the illness that the Chinese says English is common is to review idiomatic throat articulates, and need not nose and celiac pronunciation, the English that such saying come out often sound is insipid, the sentence is stiff, without rhythm feeling. Additional, hair of vowel of a lot of Chinese is couldn't get, consonantal pronunciation place also has a problem, if Thank and There are medium " Th " sound have a lot of Chinese metropolis missay.

In the process that learns English, the trouble that knew oneself is far insufficient, still need to spend air force to go give up it. Basic method should listen to read much practice more more namely. Teach the introduction according to Paul Hanse, although study language needs particular talent, but more still is in what practice comes out in practice. He says to student of a China had never lived to the United States, but English says particularly purely, if listen to his pronunciation only,absolutely meeting regards him as pure American. Its hang is broadcasting at listening every day, listen to recording, see original English movie, undertake imitating an exercise on the foundation that listens more, in using daily life as far as possible, go. Those who be worth to emphasize is, imitate the foundation that must mastering pronunciation place and pronunciation method completely aspirant travel, imitate worse more otherwise, must feel to after be sure, just can undertake following reading mixing practicing really in you so. If conditional best can undertake with American and Englishman face-to-face spoken language trains, this typical to learning spoken English dispute often has profit.
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