Go abroad to use English day everyday expressions surely
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▲ Potluck Party dines together one kind means, host plans field and dinner service, the three people that add must take a dish to prepare beverage, first-rate job asks master meaning first.

▲ Pull Over! Drive the car to the side.

▲ Drop Me A Line! Write a letter to give me.

▲ Give Me A Ring. = Call Me! Come a phone!

▲ For Here Or To Go? Dining room or outside sell.

▲ Cool; That's Cool! Be equal to domestic youth's commonly used Piao language " cruel! " , express good! Use at person or thing all but.

▲ What's Up? = What's Happening? = What's New? If be when meeting, being sent his respects to along with Piao " be in recently busy what? What is there new issue? " general answer is " Nothing Much! " or " Nothing New! " or " Nothing New!!

▲ Cut It Out! = Knock It Out! = Stop It! Come to this one less! If joking between the classmate.

▲ Don't Give Me A Hard Time! Do not be impassable good with me!

▲ Get Yourself Together! Display vigour dot is no good all right!

▲ Do You Have "the" Time? Now a few bell? Can not think the family wants to make an appointment with you to go out by accident.

▲ Hang In There. = Don't Give Up. = Keep Trying. Maintain again.

▲ Give Me A Break! Your forgive I! (if joking)

▲ Hang On. Await a bit please.

▲ Blow It. = Screw Up. Do was bungled.

▲ What A Big Hassle. It is a troublesome issue really.

▲ What A Crummy Day. One much more hapless day.

▲ Go For It. Cheer

▲ You Bet. = Of Course. Of course; See me!

▲ Wishful Thinking. The idea of one's own wishful thinking.

▲ Don't Be So Fussy! Fasten so captious good.

▲ It's A Long Story. Alas! It is a long story.

▲ How Have You Been? = How Are You Doing? Do you pass how? Latter but good?

▲ Take Things For Granted. Flatter oneself of course.

▲ Don't Put On Airs. Do not put on airs.

▲ Wishful Thinking. The idea of one's own wishful thinking.

▲ Don't Be So Fussy! Fasten so captious good!

▲ Give Me A Lift! = Give Me A Ride! Send me one Cheng!

▲ Have A Crush On Someone. Be infatuated with someone.

▲ What's The Catch? What inside story is there?

▲ Party Animal. Drive the person with mad Party (like the three people that add ball) .

▲ Pain In The Neck. =Pain In The Ass. Disgusting thing, person or thing.

▲ Skeleton In The Closet. Family scandal.

▲ Don't Get On My Nerve! Do not offend me wool!

▲ Afat Chance. =A Poor Chance. The chance is very little.

▲ Don't Put On Airs! Do not put on airs!

▲ I Am Racking My Brains. I am in cudgel one's brains for.

▲ She's A Real Drag. She is true a bit hinderous.
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