Everyday dialogue have an outstanding eloquence
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For/from Want Of in the absense of...

The Flowers Died From Want Of Water.
These flowers are withered in the absense of water dead.
Some Of The Wounded Soldiers Died For Want Of Medicine.
Some soldiers are gone because of devoid medicaments.

For The Use Of is offerred... use

This Parking Lot Is For The Use Of Employees Only.
This parking lot is used for employee only.
This Dining Hall Is For The Use Of Teachers.
This dinning hall is used for the teacher.

In Support Of for support... , to support...

He Spoke At The Meeting In Support Of My Idea.
He supports my idea in the speech on the meeting.
They Decided To Stay In Support Of The New Leadership.
To support new leading group, they decide to stay.

So As To for (do) ... , so that (do) ...

They Made A Lot Of Lively Programs So Sas To Attract More Children.
To attract more children, they designed a lot of lively programs.
I Left Home At 5:00 In The Morning So As To Be There On Time.
I went out at 5 o'clock in the morning, so that punctual arrive over there.

In Search Of to search... , to seek...

He Went To The South In Search Of Better Prospects.
His better to search prospect goes to south.
She Immigrated To New Zealand In Search Of A Quiet Life.
The life immigrant that she calms to go up too goes to New Zealand.

For The Sake Of/for One's Sake is... for the purpose of, for...

His Family Moved To The Countryside For The Sake Of His Son's Health.
He moves country for the health of his son.
He Betrayed His Friend For Money's Sake.
He betrays his friend for money.

For One's Own Safety the safety for someone oneself

For Your Own Safety Please Don't Smoke Inside The Plane.
For the safety of your oneself, do not want aboard smoking please.
Please Fasten Your Seat Belt For Your Own Safety.
For the safety of pron yourselves, ask strung safety belt.

For Future Reference to consult later, check to will have henceforth

Keep All The Price Lists On File For Future Reference.
File all tariff, so that will have henceforth,check.
You Can Take This Booklet Home For Future Reference.
You can come home booklet belt, staying to consult later.

For Reasons Of because... reason, as a result of... cause

The Road Has Been Closed For Reasons Of Safety.
For safe for the purpose of, the road had been sealed.
They Switched To A New Product For Reasons Of Better Profits.
To be obtained better, they turned to a kind of new product.

In Memory Of is souvenir... , for mourn over a person's death...

She Set Up An Educational Fund Im Memory Of Her Mother.
She created an education foundation to commemorate her mother.
This Musem Was Built In Memory Of The Great Writer -Lu Xun.
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