English adage is handpick
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A Bad Beginning Makes A Bad Ending.

Not good at only then person not good at eventually.

A Bad Thing Never Dies.

Go down in history as a symbol of infamy.

A Bad Workman Always Blames His Tools.

Won't punt strange river is curved.

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Than Two In The Bush.

One bird surpasses double bird to be in in the hand forest.

A Boaster And A Liar Are Cousins-german.

Boast and lying is of the same clan originally.

A Bully Is Always A Coward.


A Burden Of One's Choice Is Not Felt.

The burden that love carries is not disrelished heavy.

A Candle Lights Others And Consumes Itself.

The candle illuminates bright other people, destroyed oneself however.

A Cat Has 9 Lives.

The cat has 9 lots.

A Cat May Look At A King.

Everybody equality.

A Close Mouth Catches No Flies.

Get ill by the mouth.

A Constant Guest Is Never Welcome.

Frequenter makes a person be disgusted with.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

The fact gets the better of Wu Xiong argue.

Adversity Leads To Prosperity.

Poverty gives rise to a desire for change.

Adversity Makes A Man Wise, not Rich.

Adversity gives a talented person.

A Fair Death Honors The Whole Life.

A worthy death, leave a good name forever.

A Faithful Friend Is Hard To Find.

Bosom friend is looked for hard.

A Fall Into A Pit, a Gain In Your Wit.

Eat one chasm, long one wisdom.

A Fox May Grow Gray, but Never Good.

Country changes easily, nature moves hard.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.

Adversity sees the real situation.

A Friend Is Easier Lost Than Found.

The friend is difficult, lose a friend easy.

A Friend Is Never Known Till A Man Has Need.

Need when Fang Zhiyou.

A Friend Without Faults Will Never Be Found.

Without the friend of perfect.

"After You" Is Good Manners.

"It is courteous that you ask " first.

A Good Beginning Is Half Done.

Good germinant the half that is a success.

A Good Beginning Makes A Good Ending.

Be apt to only then person die a natural death.

A Good Book Is A Good Friend.

Good book is like a bosom friend.

A Good Book Is The Best Of Friends, the Same Today And Forever.

A good book, accompany lifetime.

A Good Conscience Is A Soft Pillow.

Do not do guilty thing, do not be afraid of ghost call at the door to be let in.

A Good Fame Is Better Than A Good Face.

Good name is surpassed fine-looking.
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