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Ideally Then, a School System Should Be One In Which The Love Of Learning, rather Than The Acquisition Of Facts, is Cultivated.

Still, he Could Not Help Thinking That If Anything Should Happen, the Nearest Person He Could Contact By Radio, unless There Was A Ship Nearby, would Be On An Island 885 Miles Away.

Yet This Other Life Has Its Interests, its Enjoyments, its Satisfaction, and, at Certain Rare Intervals, a Peaceful Glow Or A Sudden Excitement.

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  Point: There is an In Which guiding to get attributive subordinate clause at the back of One, among them Rather Than The Acquisition Of Facts is parenthesis, can regard the paratactic composition of subject The Love Of Learning as
  Referenced translation: Accordingly, good system of education should be education student loves study, is not to achieve real thing

  Point: Fictitious condition sentence " If Anything... 885 Miles Away. " the object subordinate clause that is Thinking, make the object of Thinking. In this fictitious condition sentence in main clause, subordinate clause of adverbial modifier of a condition was inserted between subject and predicate " Unless There Was A Ship Nearby " , make the winner calls detached.
   Referenced translation: He still is unable to bear or endure think over rise, if produce what accident if really, if around also do not have even a boat, he goes up the nearliest with connection of wireless electric energy the person is far in 885 miles beyond get an island to go up.

   Point: Sentence in Interests, enjoyments, satisfaction, glow and Excitement in all 5 elder brother are paratactic composition, all make object. At Certain Rare Intervals is parenthesis, meaning for " occasional, now and then " .
   Referenced translation: However these another kind of gout that lives to also have it, joy and contented, and occasional has one to plant halcyon happy or one is broken out excitedly.