Usage detailed of the participle is solved
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1. The participle makes attribute

1) before the participle makes attribute can be put in qualifies statement already, the buy before making is attributive, also can put at the back of qualifies statement, make postposition attribute. Its action is equivalent to an attributive subordinate clause. For example:

Where Are The Reserved Seats? (=Where Are The Seats Which Have Been Reserved? )

Where is booked seat?

This Is A Pressing Problem. (=This Is A Problem Which Is Pressing. )

This is a pressing issue.

2) after the participle is made, buy attribute can divide in the limit of to make a gender (after the central statement that follow closely qualifies in place) and nonrestrictive (the central statement that qualifies with comma and its place is separate) two kinds, its action is equivalent to subordinate clause of attribute of a restricted and nonrestrictive attributive subordinate clause respectively. For example:

The Funds Raised (= Which Have Been Raised) Are Mainly Used For Helping The Homeless.

The capital that raise money basically uses a help those homeless people.

There Are Many Students Waiting (= Who Are Waiting) To Get Examined.

Have a lot of students waiting to check.

This Book, written (= Which Is Written) In Simple English, is Suitable For Beginners.

This book is written with easy to read and understand English, suit abecedarian.

3) the participle often forms synthetic adjective to make attribute with adjective, adverb or noun. For example:

The Flower-carrying Girl Must Be Waiting For Someone.

That girl that holds a flower is waiting for a person certainly.

The Newly-built Building Is Our Office Building.

This newly-built building is our office building.

4) the past participle of some intransitive verbs makes attribute, do not state passive meaning expresses to finish however. Adjunct of the buy before this kind of past participle often is made. For example:

There Are A Lot Of Fallen Leaves In Autumn.

The autumn has a lot of fallen leaves.

The Film Describes The Story About The Police Who Pursue An Escaped Man.

What this film describes is the thing that the police catchs escaped criminal.

This kind of commonly used word has: Fallen, faded, returned, retired, risen, grown Up, vanished.

2. The participle makes object complemental language

1) the verb that makes guest fill with the participle has: Catch, have Get, keep, hear, find, feel, leave, make, want, start, notice, observe, watch, set. For example:

When They Returned Home From The Holiday, they Found Their House Stolen.

When they go vacationing to return the home, discover a house by pilfer. (past participle shows passivity)

We Want This Work Finished Quickly.

We ask this job is finished very quickly.

2) in compound object, make guest fill with present participle, showing object is the person of the movement that give out, form logic to go up advocate call relation; Make guest fill with past participle, showing object is the person of the movement that bear, make the impact moving guest on logic. For example:
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