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English expert Ding Wangdao talks about English study method
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* should pay attention to written practice. Emphasize listen and saying, listen, say to precede, it is right; Often read, a large number of reading, also be necessary. But be in to the platoon " 4 meetings " last " write " , must not think it is dispensable. "Write " it is particularly important to there are its in the process that learns English with the function that cannot supersede. If write an essay, have to ponder over content and viewpoint, constituent material, arrange administrative levels, consider expressions, this is wonderful take exercise. And the requirement of the accuracy of the validity that writes antonym speech and expression wants than spoken language some taller, because can consider,mix revise. This is very beneficial to improving language quality.

* should care Chinese culture. The Chinese should care Chinese culture, major the study that the friends of English or other foreign language should note pair of China culture more and study, because a lot of time are used on the foreign language, may the study of oversight China culture, the result is the case that learns language country to place and culture characteristic know more, and know less instead to culture characteristic of China. Chinese culture is of long standing and well established, have a lot of precious component, we should cherish this bequest, give hard carry forward.