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English expert Professor Yu Jianhua talks about English study method
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My college graduate stays school after teaching one year, the winkle in the department 4 youths teacher, teach concentration to groom by the name such as Liu Peixian, Yang Xiaoshi. I write down so that land professor decorates us, exercise is the English simplified edition that reads You Yingmei language to teach an expert to adapt, include mark · to spit lukewarm " the adventure writes down Tom Suoye " , of Di Gengsi " twin city is written down " , of Lamb " Shakespeare is Thespian story " etc. Every a hundred or so comes page, very simple and easy. We are self-righteous the person above average in young teacher (although the university is in a few years " Culture Revolution " evening, our base is not strong, but begin already " gnaw " the English original work with classic a person of academic or artistic distinction) , because this heart is medium some by the person " look down upon " grievance. Read and repeat after story of a few logogram, land professor lets us answer a question: If let you use two, 2000 the most commonly used vocabularies, can you draw up so dramatic narrative?

Right now we understood his intention: Simple vocabulary can fluctuate piece endless convey livelily again, the language is applied whether handy, the key depends on the competence of language control. If be carried only " hard bone " gnaw, eat without digesting, the result perhaps is get half the result with twice the effort only. The foreign language basically is a skill, understood to be equal to mastered. This and like playing a table tennis, the direction of rotation that understands a ball, speed, do not mean you to be able to hit good shot, pass only one board board push, one board board buckle, practice repeatedly, ability reachs skilled level. It is later in my 20 old English teacher and student, I always also make my student and my son many read simple and easy simplified edition, admire wonderful clue content, be in relatively happy and relaxed in reading, be familiar with the basic expression of the language gradually. I think all the time, although foreign language pitch is better person, read simplified edition more also the good method that can yet be regarded as learns a foreign language. Simplified edition of of all kinds English is very much in the bookshop now, whole class his Mai Ben, exchange by turns look, beautiful money take time is not much, but can have very good effects. I think the malpractice of learner of most China English, be insufficient to the familiar degree of primary language. Seem to know finish beyond expression, or begin to write or paint, ask for a favor is wrong.

But on the other hand, two, 3000 vocabularies are insufficient after all, want to expand ceaselessly. Have a word about learning English very interesting: "Jump And Get An Apple " (jump, pluck an apple) -- make a little effort every time, have minor gains. If the apple is too tall, jump to just also waste energy desperately. Also cannot expect, second picked with respect to come back with fruitful results. This one view is not experience completely talk. We are OK from fruit of educational psychologist dimension this base over there find academic basis. He thinks to learn content main body to should be in the experience limits of learner, new knowledge can from " expand a division recently " (Zone Of Proximal Development) , extension expands gradually on former knowledgeable edge namely. Arm place reachs the intellectual field that states you are original, patulous share is full " jump " the place that can reach. My constant sees some students are thickly dotted on English reader flood phonetic symbol and paraphrase, separating a few words is a new word. I admire their assiduous spirit, but disapprove of such practice. If look for some of bit easier reading material, learn to enter instead, learn quickly. Someone says proper foreign language reading material, the new word cannot exceed 5% , I agree. If do not exceed 3% better.
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