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English expert Mei Renyi talks about English study method
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* should learn English, all sorts of culture information that are about to be communicated to language itself and insitute of language are interested. When be read when you or hearing others to convey abstruse idea with concise English, excited unceasingly, remember instantly, this shows you already generated interest to the language. Without this kind of interest, learn the become more proficient in one's profession in be used to in the language hard.

* study English from be about to take speech seriously at the beginning, dialect. Pronunciation, dialect, accent, halt, do not beg perfect, but want basic and correct. Otherwise, the influence audition reachs spoken language, it is the function that the language loses communication thereby.

* simple and easy reader fights each other good foundation is extremely useful, want to be read more. It is the amount wants much, read 40 at least. 2 it is to should repeat read, single out 10 reach 15, read 3 times, read a lot of problems to imprint in brain. Imagine, others can be used 1500 draw up to 2000 vocabularies a few books come, if we can convey these means in hand, can convey how many content!

* is in fundamental phase later period, or high grade, should recite a name hard piece, e.g. , back 50-100 piece. No matter be returned from the language,be content for, this is elite. The back is ripe, to understanding western culture, to studying a written language apply have profit.