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Shen of English expert how talks about English study method
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* uses English thinking is a kind of state that a lot of English learner hope to achieve, because this is the foundation with thought of English glibly expression. For the Chinese student that lives in be not English environment to, should achieve a share or think to have very great difficulty truly entirely with English, but also not be a within sight but beyond reach. In the experience that learns English from oneself, I am experienced holding to a large number of reading is to realize one of ways with this one the most efficient target.

The textual book that * wants to had chosen moderate of difficult easy degree above all: General with every page (big 32) it is advisable to do not exceed 8 new words. It is to read a means next: Want to resemble reading Chinese novel to be browsed quickly in that way, not subvocal, do not consult a dictionary, more do not understand textual meaning through the interpreter. Encounter the new word that does not know, want to figure according to context. The 3rd it is to should insist to be read every day, and should set what must finish everyday to read the assignment to oneself. Want to hold on only, a few months, after half an year, affirmative meeting sees effect.