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English expert Professor Wu Yian talks about English study method
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Be in our country, a lot of people learn English in the school, but classroom and the English environment that the class provides quite instinctively are very finite after all, the student can have basic and syntactic knowledge of English only mostly, can freely the ground applies these knowledge to listen in vain, say, read, write still apart is very far. The finite circumstance that many people often can be familiar with in oneself only repeats has learned speech, encounter new situation is at a loss or flaw 100. Visible, have syntactic knowledge to not be equal to language pass a barrier only, apply to the language from language knowledge between still having not little space.

Should say, from understanding English basic and syntactic knowledge uses Englishism system to freely ground, do not have what shortcut, but we can shorten through force this process. Our country's current English environment already had very big improvement, it is besides classroom, we can be passed conciously listen, say, read, with for oneself creation English environment is mixed use opportunity, this learns English place to need. Below this premise, want to hold Englishism system, have the consciousness that learns grammar even. For example, we can single out interesting segment from inside reader or audition material, stubble con / essence of life listens in the process of these extract, consider how the author applies syntactic method to convey a sense, realize those who give a few syntactic projects to use the law thereby. Say commonly, narrative / the English material Li Yunhan of novel body is right substantial syntactic measure, suit to be used most experience, the syntactic pattern that grasps English. Be like again, dish of work of syntactic knowledge, can come true in the process that the language uses only. If can be taken,listen to syntactic consciousness to go compose a quarrel is written, censorial in expression oneself syntactic structure is correct, insist to come down, the be used to that can accelerate syntactic system is gotten. Still have a kind of everybody's familiar method, namely specific aim ground does a few syntactic exercises, him aggrandizement weak sports. Notable is, not all syntactic exercise can produce similar result. For example, around a certain syntactic project, condition of typical to English words undertakes the gender practices yielding, already the use that conduce strikes us to realize this project from which is regular, conduce doing calls good language skill, the practice that than judging multinomial choice of the gender the problem can promote language of grammar and even whole goal more is gotten.

A variety of effort that we make, can be being regarded is the necessary step in course of "(Internalise) Englishism system is being changed inside " . Alleged inside change, tell from literal, be change ab extra thing into immanent thing; With respect to grammar character, I think its result should be full achieve can control the degree of Englishism system. Like other language, the syntactic regulation in English goes finite, but we once inside the syntactic system that changed English, can creativity real estate gives the word with infinite amount sentence, accomplish expressive freely. This is the condition that a lot of English learner want to achieve.
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